Formula SAE

The Formula Society of Automotive Engineering (Formula SAE or FSAE for short) is a design competition geared toward university-level automotive engineering projects. FSAE Electric hosts a yearly weekend-long autocross racing competition, in which university teams from around the world put their student-crafted EV's to the test and compete with each other. At the FSAE Electric competition, racecars are placed based on their rules compliance, student design, and the team's business sales presentation, on top of their on-track performances.

Formula Slug entered FSAE Electric in Fall 2016, producing its first ever electric vehicle, the FS-0. We are looking forward to racing in the 2018 FSAE Electric competition after completing our two-year design cycle for FS-1. 

If you would like to learn more about Formula Slug, please attend one of our General Meetings. Find a leader and don't be shy! We welcome all students, fans, and supporters.

Formula Slug Documentary

An award-winning documentary storytelling Formula Slug's journey from Day 1. Filmed by Formula Slug and UCSC alumnus, Handey Wong.