Cole Scott


I am a second year Robotics Engineering major and Electrical Engineering minor. I have a passion for Programming and working on hobby electrical projects . In Formula Slug I manage logistics for the team and work on the electrical and software subsystems of the car.

Shota Yamamoto

Vice President / Project Manager

I am a second year Robotics Engineering major. I have always had an interest in EVs and being able to work on one as a member/leader of Formula Slug has been the highlight of my college career. Learning about how to engineer sustainable energy driven vehicles get me excited for the future of EVs. In my free time I enjoy building personal projects. My dream is to one day own an EV.


Gavin flint


I am a fourth year Electrical Engineering major and Rachel Carson College affiliate. I tend to work on whatever is needed, and will focus more on electric systems.

Aaron diep

Director of Internal Communications

I am a fifth year Robotics Engineering major and TIM minor at UCSC. I am a FRC alum (2643) and am continuing my passion of working on large hands-on projects. My interests are in fabrication processes ranging from traditional machining to the expanding field of additive manufacturing. In Formula Slug, I assist part fabrication and coordination. 


FS-1 Design Lead

I am a fifth year studying Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics. I enjoy designing and building complex projects involving microcontrollers and programming, such as the MIDI DJ controller I built in high school. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, making origami and collecting vinyl. I manage the overall progress of the FSAE race car and help with the design.