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Kenneth Jones


I am a Senior in the Electrical Engineering Program at the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. I'm intrigued by the characteristics of supercapacitors and their capabilities in the energy storage industry, Power Engineering, and Material Science. I am President of Formula Slug and I do everything I can to make sure that this club functions and is successful.

Aaron diep

Vice President

I am a third year Robotics Engineering major and TIM minor at UCSC. I am a FRC alum (#2643) and am continuing my passion of working on large hands-on projects. My interests are in fabrication processes ranging from traditional machining to the expanding field of additive manufacturing. In Formula Slug, I assist part fabrication and coordination. 


Sam Ritzo

FSAE Project Manager

I am a fourth year studying Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics. I enjoy designing and building complex projects involving microcontrollers and programming, such as the MIDI DJ controller I built in high school. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, making origami and collecting vinyl. I manage the overall progress of the FSAE race car and help with the design. I also help with the Solar Project.

NicHolas Ivy

FSAE Controls

I’m a fourth year at UC Santa Cruz, Computer Engineering with Robotics concentration as well as an Electrical Engineering minor. I come from a background of FIRST Robotics Competition in high school (#766), and I wanted to continue the hands-on engineering projects in college. I’m currently the Low Voltage lead on the electrical team of Formula Slug, but I also work on other projects wherever I’m needed.

Michael Delorio

FSAE Design Lead

I'm a fifth year, graduating, Robotics Engineering major. I participated in FIRST Robotics and Underwater ROV competitions. I currently work at TR Engineering in Scotts Valley, helping with the design and manufacturing of hydraulic pumps. I have a passion for mechanical engineering and spend most of my time on Solidworks, designing the FSAE race car and delegating tasks to our members.                            

MILO Webster

FSAE Software

I'm a fourth year Computer Engineering major with minors in CS and EE. I have a passion for designing embedded systems and managing engineering teams. While my background is in web, throughout school I've grown significant interest in EE and its surrounding fields. On Formula Slug I'm the Scrum Master (Agile Project Manager) and an Electrical/Software sub-team lead.                              

Matthew Chai

Co-VP of Finance / Webmaster

I am a third year studying Electrical Engineering emphasizing Power Electronics, Robotics Engineering, and Business Management Economics. I was raised in Burmese factories and machine shops, and was in FIRST Robotics (#4159) throughout high school, which sparked my interests in industrial engineering, deployables, and pneumatic systems. I optimize the Formula Slug's budget and work on various team projects. 

Travis Takai

FSAE Aerodynamics

I am a fourth year Computer Science major. I've been working with cars and motorcycles for about 11 years now. I was formerly working on FS-0 brakes, and now do FS-1's aerodynamics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Ryan Gronet

Event Coordinator

I am a senior majoring in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics and Control Systems. This past summer, I worked on a fully electric VTOL capable aircraft with Joby Aviation. Seeing the process where a team of people come together to make a dream idea work is what drives me to be an engineer. I am a photographer and most of the photos you’ll see on this page were taken by myself!       

Tyler veness

FSAE Software

I am a senior transfer student majoring in Robotics Engineering. I participated in FIRST Robotics (#3512) in high school and still mentor my team's software subteam. My specialties include software engineering, applications of control theory, and digital signal processing in real-time systems. On Formula Slug, I perform CAN motor controller interfacing and help with embedded software development when needed.  

Gavin flint

Director of Internal Communications

I am a second year Electrical Engineering major and Rachel Carson College affiliate. I enjoy working with and learning about almost anything electrical or mechanical, and am especially interested in vehicles. I am the current Director of Internal Communications, and I'm here to take notes, learn, and help however I can.                           

Shiloh sacks

Solar Project Co-Lead

I am a second year Electrical Engineering major. I have always had a passion for literature, politics, and mechanisms of travel- be that cars, trains, airplanes, rockets. They provide our lives with freedom and agency on a scale unparalleled in human history. My dream is to help create the travel of the future; travel that is sustainable, ethical and powered by the sun.

Harley Berman

Solar Project Co-Lead

I am a third year Electrical Engineering student pursuing a minor in Physics. My main interests within my major are Power Engineering and feedback, however I have always had a strong interest in renewable energy. My goal this year is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for anybody interested in working with the team, and to learn and grow together as a team.

Kelby Gan

VP of Public Relations

I’m a third year Electrical Engineering major at University of California, Santa Cruz. Hailing from the Bay Area I’ve been a Maker for over a decade. I’ve been involved with Formula Slug for a year mainly involved with Solar. With a background in video editing I hope to maintain Formula Slug’s outward facing image as Public Relations Lead.