Kenneth Jones


My name is Kenneth Jones and I am a Senior in the Electrical Engineering Program at the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. I'm intrigued by the characteristics of supercapacitors and their capabilities in the energy storage industry, Power Engineering, and Material Science. I am President of Formula Slug and I do everything I can to make sure that this club functions and is successful.

Dena Giovinazzo

Vice President

Hi, I'm Dena! I am a third year Electrical Engineering major with a focus in energy and power engineering. This year, I'm the Vice President of Formula Slug. I'm really exited to help other UCSC students get hands-on, sustainable engineering experience through our student-lead projects.


Derek Quiroz

Solar Project Lead

I am a third year Electrical Engineering major representing Crown College at the University of California, Santa Cruz. After a few months working with Formula Slug, I transitioned to the Solar Project where I was able to make larger and more meaningful contributions to the team--so much so that I am now heading the Solar Project for the 2016-2017 school year. I have always had a passion for hands-on projects where I can showcase theory from the classroom, and since my major has a concentration on how solar energy works, I hope to be a valuable contributor to the expansion of the Solar Team.


Aaron Diep

Director of internal communIcations

I am a second year proposed Robotics Engineering major and TIM minor at UCSC. I am a FRC alum (Team 2643) and am continuing my passion of working on large hands-on projects. I love learning new skills and providing opportunities to teach those skills to others. As Head of Internal Communication(s), my goal is to provide more documentation for our knowledge base to allow members to learn from experienced members. As Fabrication Lead, my goals are to provide fabrication support to all active projects and to teach members how to use tools and machines in a safe manner.


Sam Ritzo

FSAE Team Lead

I am a third year studying Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics. I enjoy designing and building complex projects involving microcontrollers and programming, such as the MIDI DJ controller I built in high school. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, making origami and collecting vinyl.


Travis Takai


I'm a third year Computer Science major. I've been working with cars and motorcycles for about 10 years now. I'm excited to be a part of the team and show how hard banana slugs can work!



Nicky Ivy

FSAE Controls Lead

I'm a third year at UC Santa Cruz, currently with a proposed major of Computer Engineering, most likely Robotics concentration. I come from a background of FIRST Robotics Competition in high school, and I wanted to continue the hands-on engineering projects in college. I'm currently the Low Voltage lead on the electrical team of Formula Slug, but I also work on other projects wherever I'm needed.


Emily Dinnerman

Director of Public Relations

I am a Senior at UC Santa Cruz studying Cognitive Science and minoring in Electrical Engineering. Growing up, I was attracted to automotive design, and have always been an avid cheerleader for the Porsche Carerra and Cayman series. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of Formula Slug, and, as its PR Lead, I look forward to helping the team stand out.


Chase Armer

Head of Operations

I'm a second year bioengineering major pursuing a minor in bioinformatics. I have had a passion for science and learning since I was young, and I am constantly amazed by advancements in the field of biotechnology and genomics. I joined Formula Slug because I was inspired by how a group of students could come together to build such an exciting and ambitious project, and I wanted to figure out how I could help.

Emmett Greenberg.JPG

Emmett Greenberg

CO-Head of Events

I am a third year Computer Science major from San Francisco. Because of my interest in cars, I took some courses in mechanical engineering and car design, where I built mousetrap racers, catapults, automatons, and a redesign of the Ford Focus. Now in college, I am excited to develop this experience and get my hands dirty building really cool projects with Formula Slug.


Ryan Gronet

Head of Events

I am a junior majoring in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics and Control Systems. Oddly enough my background is not in electric cars, but spacecraft heat-shields and communications satellites. I’ve been interning at NASA Ames Research Center for the past three years and this past summer, I interned at Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto. I am a photographer and most of the photos you’ll see on this page were taken by myself!

Milo Webster.png

Milo Webster

FSAE Software

I am a third year Robotics Engineering student with a passion for intelligent feedback control systems. I have been programming for about four years and, while starting out in very high level environments, have come to love low level systems programming. I really enjoy working through the challenges that real-time and resource-constrained systems pose and am excited to apply these interests as the Electrical-Controls Lead for Formula Slug!

Tyler Veness.png

Tyler Veness

FSAE Software /

I am a senior transfer student majoring in Robotics Engineering. I participated in FIRST Robotics in high school and still mentor my team's software subteam. My specialties include software engineering, applications of control theory, and digital signal processing in real-time systems. On Formula Slug, I perform CAN motor controller interfacing and help with embedded software development when needed.