Project Leads: Harley and Shiloh

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Hi, I’m Harley! I am a third year Electrical Engineering student pursuing a minor in Physics.  My main interests within my major are Power Engineering and RF Engineering however I have always had a strong interest in renewable energy. My goal for the year is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for anybody interested in working with the team and to share ideas and knowledge so that we can learn and grow together as a team.



Hi, I'm Shiloh! I am a second year Electrical Engineering major. I have always had a passion for literature, politics, and mechanisms of travel- be that cars, trains, airplanes, rockets. They provide our lives with freedom and agency on a scale unparalleled in human history. My dream is to help create the travel of the future-; travel that is sustainable, ethical and powered by the sun.

Solar Team 2016-2017