FS-0: A Success

Hello, Friends~

Your friendly PR Lead, Emily Dinnerman, here for an update. 
Seeing that this is our first blog post, I believe it is best to put the spotlight on the project that started the Formula Slug legacy: the FS-0 ("Formula Slug - 0") electric car.

For every day in the past year, Formula Slug members strived to get FS-0 on the road. The design and fabrication process began on October 2015, and reached completion on October 2016. Members continuously fundraised, outreached, and planned events to make our name known. And aside from operations, the enormous dedication of the Mechanical and Electric subteams has brought FS-0 to life.

The car now serves as a testament to our willpower: a student-run, nonprofit organization that thrived against all odds and paved the way for an outlet in mechanical engineering in a school that lacks the major, the department, and the resources.

Formula Slug now proudly represents UC Santa Cruz's first electric race car team. The achievement comes with the support from generous sponsors, like Zero Motorcycles and TechShop San Jose, and numerous friends and family. In short, we owe much of our success to those who had the courage to believe in us. Thank you.

Formula Slug's first FS-0 Photoshoot, held on Friday, January 27th, is a celebration of teamwork and creation. We hope you continue to support us as we embark this journey and grow in numbers and strength. In the meantime, enjoy the show and keep the spark alive!

Emily and all of us at Formula Slug